2023 Commissioners and Staff
Commissioners Term ends
vacant Non-Profit Emergency Assistance, Retired, Red Cross
John Bucy LocalEducationRepresentative, Executive Director, Northwest TN Development District and Human Resource Agency, 6.30.2017 Serving until replaced
Cliff DeBerry Public Utilities Representative, Memphis Light Gas and Water 1.31.2019
Gary Graves Local Government  Representative, Department of Public Safety, Director 6.30.2018
Steve Horton Seismology Representative, Research Scientist, CERI, University of Memphis 1.31.2015 Serving until replaced
vacant Local Education
Thomas Dubose Insurance 1.1. 2019
James Medling Fire Protection Representative 1.1.2019
Barry Moore Public Health Services Representative, Shelby County Health Department (Retired) 1.31.2019
Bart Walls Chair Engineering Representative  1.19.2019
Michael Joseph Walker


Architect Representative, WALKERarch  2019
Gary Patterson Executive Director 901-678-5264
Nathan K. Moran Project Coordinator  901-678-5424