UMDRU Mitigation Plan

The University of Memphis Disaster Resistant University Committee has worked to assess our vulnerability to urban flooding and earthquakes, and to consider these data in the Hazard Mitigation Plan for the University Community. The link below will allow you to download the University of Memphis Hazard Mitigation Plan as a zip file. The UMDRU Committee hopes you will download this file, expand it, and provide any useful comments to the contact below. Please keep in mind that this plan was specifically focused on earthquake and urban flood issues with full knowledge that other hazards, especially man-made and terrorist hazards, will need to be incorporated in future interations. The plan has been accepted by the State of Tennessee and is currently under review by FEMA Region IV in Atlanta.

The UMDRU Committee appreciates your input,

Gary Patterson
UMDRU Project Manager

DocumentDownload The University of Memphis Earthquake and Urban Flood Disaster Mitigation Plan