WTSSC Meeting Highlights at Union City December 7, 2022
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The December 7, 2022 meeting of the WTSSC was hosted by the Discovery Park Museum in Union City, TN.  The Commission would like to thank Director, Scott Williams and excellent staff for making this a memorable and productive meeting. Museum activities included a tour of the facilities and unlimited “rides” on the widely acclaimed earthquake simulator, which recreates the effects of the Great Earthquakes of 1811-12 that devastated the Mid South WTSSC met at Discovery Park located in Union City, Tennessee  on December 7. 2022.  The meeting was held to discuss commission business for the upcoming year and to vote on budget items for the same time period.

Attending Commissioners (left to right):  James Medling, Dyer County EMA Director; Barry Moore, Shelby County Health and Environmental Specialist, Retired; Thomas Dubose, Shelby County, State Farm Agency Executive; Bart Walls, CAO Madison County Highway Department; Michael Walker, Shelby County, President and Architect, WalkerArch; Gary Graves, Shelby County, Millington Public Safety Director; Dr. Stephen Horton, Shelby County, Seismologist; John Bucy, Weakley County, Director of the Northwest TN Development District, Emeritus

In the course of the meeting the commission thanked Michael Walker for his term at Chairman of the WTSSC and handed over the office to the vice chairman Bart Walls for the upcoming term of office.  Below is a picture of Vice Chairman Walls presenting outgoing Chairman Walker with a ceremonial gavel as a memento of his term in office.


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